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This site is dedicated to the art of two brothers, Noel Bruce and Richard Bruce.

Noel Bruce, a native of Arkansas, is a retired resident of Batesville, Arkansas. Noel was formerly an Architectural designer and builder. He now spends his extra time wood carving gun stocks,walking staffs and canes, knives and other items of interest.

Noel grew up in the South, in small town America before getting an Architectural degree. He begain his own residential design and construction company, "Bruce Design and Construction" where he designed residential housing for approximately 20 years before retiring.

Noel has recently started carving gun stock designs as he is an avid hunter. Carving walking staffs and canes came about after an accident in 2012 causing him to require a walking staff or cane to be able to walk.
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Richard Bruce is a well established artist and sculptor of Brownsboro, Alabama. He has been wood carving and sculpting for about 25 years and also works in stone and bronze. He presently works by commission only. Richard is a radiological technologist for a local hospital but spends much of his time with a piece of wood in his hands or on the road to art shows all over the United States.

Richard Bruce, known as "The Story Teller" at many of the art shows he visits for the stories he has for each piece of sculpture he creates. Born in Arkansas, he grew up in the small town of Newark where he first began drawing as a hobby. In 1990, Richard first started sculpting after a friend noticed his skill in carving pumpkins for halloween and introduced him to a local woodcarver at an annual woodcarving competition. In 1997, Richard was chosen as the Artist of the year at the 16th annual Southern Wildlife Festival in Decatur, Alabama. In his wildlife pieces, Richard tries to capture what he calls the "magic moment".The magic moment is the surprise in the eyes of a startled deer or the fearless expression of a wolf. "You try to breathe a little bit of life into each piece." Richard works in bronze, wood, clay, and stone. He researches each piece carefully to guarantee small details are correct.
Please e-mail the address below for further details about each piece or if you would like to commission for a special sculpture. For a complete current price list of Richard Bruce's work contact him at:


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The Art of Noel Bruce
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